Experience the Best in Customer Service With Our Affiliate Program

Times are tough for all of us right now, and the last thing we need is a shockingly high phone bill when all we’re trying to do is reach our loved ones and tell them we care. Armed Forces Mobile understands what you’re going through, and we’ve created promotions to help!


Keep reading to see our special deals on data plans and referral rewards!


Uncapped, Unthrottled, and Unlimited Data

We’ve talked to millions of Americans to find out how we can provide them with the best service possible, and one response we’ve heard over and over is that they’re tired of choppy signals and expansive data plans.


We couldn’t agree more.


Armed Forces Mobile, has teamed up with one of the largest 4G data networks in the country to provide our customers with the best service for only $29.99 for their first two months! Talk? Text? Data? All of it’s included with this exceptional offer.


Earn Great Savings with Referrals

The best things in life are enjoyed with friends, and that goes double for your phone plan! Armed Forces Mobile is excited to offer all of our clients a valuable reward program for bringing their friends on board.


What are the benefits, you may ask? It’s simple!


If you are an Armed Forces Mobile member and you refer 4 of your friends and family to our services, your next bill will be completely free! This deal is ongoing so every 4 referrals will mean one less bill for you to deal with, and if you refer a whopping 12 people to our team, you’ll get a lifetime of free internet service!


Armed Forces Mobile is dedicated to supporting our heroes and communities, by providing the best cell phone plans around. Give our team a call today at (888) 804-1448 or visit our website to see how you can help yourself and your friends save money on your monthly phone plans.

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