4G LTE Mobile Internet Service

High Speed 4g LTE data, No Overages, No Contracts!
Great for RV's, Rural Areas & Business Failover.

Your Search for A Real Data Plan is Over!

There are many resellers and other companies who may offer data only on certain carriers, but, a lot of times those companies do not have permission, or, they are selling a different plan in disguise of a “data” only plan. At America’s Favorite Mobile our plans our direct from the carriers & are truly data plans.

4G Mobile Internet
For Your RV's

4G LTE Mobile Internet

Great For Rural Area's & RV's.
$ 129
  • AT&T & Verizon Service Available
  • Highspeed 4G LTE
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • No Contracts
  • No Credit Checks
  • Works With Most Routers

4G Mobile Internet
For Rural Area's

Available Routers for our network.

4G LTE Router

Wider Coverage perfect for rural locations
Never be without service again

Teltonica rut240


Yes! No more data overages! Our unlimited plans are just that unlimited for normal internet usage such as gaming, movies, streaming music, and surfing the internet! 

Our 5G plans have reported speeds as high as 988 Mbps and our 4G plans have been seen as high as 50 Mbps but both services can run at much slower speed depending on how far you are from the tower or how much traffic a cell tower is receiving at any given time. We do not guarantee any speeds.

No, we do not throttle our plans. All plans run at full speed until you reach the maximum amount of data purchased. Our Unlimited Plans our just that Unlimited never throttled.

This depends on the device and it can range from 15 to 250 connected devices per hotspot or router.

This is a great option for folks who live in a rural area. If you can get good cell coverage in your area this should work well for you. If you are unsure, check the coverage map for the service you have selected. 

Yes, we have routers that are mobile and can be used when traveling. Similar to your cell phone, there are places that do not have coverage and your router will not work there, but in most areas it will work great. 

All Plans are subject to the carriers standard policies regarding data abuse. If you are mine bitcoin, torrenting or doing other activities that result in much higher than normal data use your line could be terminated.

Most AT&T and Verizon compatible router will work fine on our service but if you are unsure about your router, please feel free to contact us about which router’s will work.