4G LTE Router


Designed for value and reliability in America, the V4 LTE Router modem has the end user. Easy to connect, robust features and completely unlocked for any carrier SIM.

The V4 LTE Router modem uses superior technology to deliver LTE connectivity to your home or business. Our commitment is to remain innovative with products that will serve the Rural American community for many years to come, making this product a worthwhile investment for the future.

Most LTE industry routers support only Category 4 LTE radio technology at a premium price range topping $300.00. With our v4 modem you get the same quality service as those expensive units at a fraction of the expense.

Powered by the V4 E8 Chipset featuring LTE-A2 Cat 4 technology

LTE Band Coverage:

LTE-FDD: B2*/B4*/B5*/B12*/B13*/B14*/B17*/B25*/B26*/B30*/B66*
WCDMA: B2*/B5*

4G LTE Router


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in