Although affordable cell phone plans seem more difficult to find these days, Armed Forces Mobile is passionate about providing quality connection at affordable prices that can’t be beat. Read on to learn about how you can refer your way to free mobile service! 


The Deal of a Lifetime

Our mobile plans are a great deal to begin with, but customers can really save big when they refer friends and family! Start by referring 4 friends, and you’ll get your next month free. Then, refer another 4 people to get the following month on us as well. Finally, refer 4 more friends and family and you’ll get free cell phone service for life. Now that is a great deal! 


Save Money

With our referral program, you can be saving money every month while still getting access to unlimited talk, text, and data on one of the nation’s largest 4G LTE cellular networks! Now’s the time to spread the word, get those referrals, and start putting that money you’re freeing up towards something you’ve been saving up for! 


Can I Keep My Phone? 

Switching over to an Armed Forces Mobile plan only takes a few steps, and customers can keep their original phone if it’s eligible. You can head to our website to determine whether your phone is compatible to make the switch. 


We also have all the latest phones and models at affordable monthly rates listed on our site for you to choose from!


Armed Forces Mobile provides affordable and reliable cell phone service to all of America, while giving back to those who serve to protect it. Operating on one of the nation’s largest 4G LTE cellular networks, our customers enjoy unlimited talk, text, and data at discounted prices that can’t be beat! Get your first 2 months for just $29.99 when you sign up with the promo code on our website!

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