We’re all looking for ways that we can give back to our community. When you choose Armed Forces Mobile as your cell phone provider, you’re supporting veterans and worthy charities in our country to make lasting change.

Support Veterans

Your phone is an essential tool that you use everyday. In fact, American smartphone users spend an average of 3 hours and 10 minutes on their devices per day! Why not put that time and your phone plan towards a good cause, like supporting our veterans? 


When you choose a phone plan from Armed Forces Mobile, you’re directly supporting the hard work and incredible sacrifice that American veterans have made for our country.


Choose Your Charity

Giving back is our creed. We partner with many charities that benefit our veterans, and when you choose a phone plan with us, you get to choose which charity a portion of your phone bill will be donated to! 


As a company, we pledge to donate up to 10% of our customers’ mobile plans to incredible charities that are dedicated to doing amazing work, like helping veterans, creating clean water infrastructure, and more! 


So not only will you get uncapped and unthrottled data with our unlimited plans, you’ll also be making the world a better place, one cell phone bill at a time! Visit our website to learn more about our Operation Support Our Veterans (OSOV) and our Nonprofit Partner List


Refer Your Way to Free Service

When you refer 4 friends, you’ll get your next bill completely free! If you refer another 4 friends, you get another month free, and if you provide a total of 12 referrals, you’ll receive free service for life. Now that’s the deal of a lifetime! 


At Armed Forces Mobile, we are proud to provide affordable and reliable cell phone service to all of America, while giving back to those who serve to protect it. Our customers enjoy unlimited talk, text, and data at discounted prices on one of the nation’s largest 4G LTE networks. Get your first 2 months for just $29.99 when you sign up with the promo code on our website!


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