Upgrade Your Mobile Experience With the Next Generation of Smartphones

Whether you’re an early adopter who needs to have the latest gadgets, a gamer looking to take their wins on their road, or a photographer who seeks to capture the beauty around them, we want to pair you up with the most powerful mobile phones.


Here is our run-down on the 3 must-have phones of 2020.


Galaxy Fold

Looking to impress your friends by having the latest and greatest in smartphone technology? Then it’s time to invest in Samsung’s latest achievement, the Galaxy Fold!


Featuring a dynamic 7.3” screen that brings you a work and gaming experience like never before, the Galaxy Fold continues Samsung’s tradition of long-lasting performance with one of the biggest batteries yet, meaning you can enjoy high-quality usage far longer than you dreamed possible!


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Galaxy Note 20

The Galaxy Note series has long been on the cutting edge of what’s possible for smartphones, and Samsung has only pushed these boundaries further with the launch of their latest edition, the Galaxy Note 20!


Performance has always been key to why consumers love this phone series, and that is central to the Galaxy Note 20’s Snapdragon 865 Plus processor. Users can accomplish far more on the go and store as many photos as they need to document their lives.


See this legacy of excellence in action here.


iPhone 12

Apple revolutionized the smartphone game in 2007 when they released the first iPhone, and this time they’re aiming to take back their throne with the sleeker, smaller, and more powerful iPhone 12.


Looking to capture the world around you like never before? The iPhone 12 can help you do that with it’s biggest inclusion—a triple-lens 3D camera that can capture every dimension on the moments that matter!


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